Friday, May 26, 2017

A day (or two days) before fasting

Today is the 30th of Shaaban, a day before Ramadhan. First time without any of my family members on the first day of fasting which I am not yet sure when. During my previous couple of years here, I always followed the decision made by the Board of Imam from Islamic Council of Victoria. They follow the Hijri Calendar, 1st day of fasting is on the 1st of Ramadhan.

However, our friend, a Bangladeshi, he always started a day later, and also celebrate Eid a day later than us. He follows another council that refers to moonsighting. Here, almost every year there is no sign of the moon at the night of the 1st of Ramadhan. So, their 1st day of fasting is on the 2nd of the month.

Now, I am staying at my friend's house in Dandenong. The mosque that we always visit decided not to perform taraweh yet tonight because the moon is not in sight (in Melbourne, Brisbane and other various places around Australia). So, still thinking whether I should stick with what I used to follow, or follow the mosque that I am visiting now.

Hmmm.. still thinking whether want to sahur or not.
But most probably will follow the Hijr calendar. Although I am not together with my family, I want to fast and celebrate Eid on the same day as them.
May Allah accepts our deeds in this holy month regardless which of these two opinions we follow.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

LaTeX issue :(

Stress!! During the time when I want to start Gung Ho doing my writing, my LaTeX compiler got this one issue. It was so sudden, no warning, no configuration was changed by me; hence, no idea what was wrong. The problem is when I want to compile my file from DVI to PS to PDF.

The first stage of compilation from the editor to DVI, works great. DVI to PS also works well. But the problem is only when want to convert PS to PDF. I realised that ps2pdf converter uses ghostscript which I think was automatically updated to a new version on my PC. The problem is, the TeX editor still configured to find the ghostscript executeable file from the old path (I don't know why they just don't fix the path everytime they update the version). Spent a couple of days just to solve this. :(

Monday, May 22, 2017

Sendirian diperantauan

It has been ages since the last time I updated this blog. While sitting alone, suddenly feel like want to check this blog again, just to reminisce my good old memories. It has been 3 weeks since I separated with my beloved wife and two kids after have been together every single day for the last 5 years (longest period separated was 3 days as far as I remember). I have already expected that it is going to be tough, but not this tough. But this is the path that I have chosen. Regret it? yes, because I miss them so much, and no, because I do this for us.

Oh, how I miss going to the uni with my wife, waking up in the morning kissing my smelly little kids especially Izzah, asking Luqman how was his school every day. Make me even more emotional when I go past my old rented house here in Clayton every day on my way to the uni. It was still crystal clear in Luqman's memory about our life there for the last 4 years. Until now, he keeps calling that house as "Rumah Luqman", and talks about the color of the house, the mirror on the wall, the backyard, the trampoline, the roses and dandelion in the front yard, our car.

That house was the first house we lived together, only four of us. Now they are living in Luqman's grandparents' house, he never calls it as his house. I don't think that all of us can forget our moments there, be it happy, sad, emotional, we will always appreciate them (not including Izzah, she was too small to remember anything).

I am going back in the next few months, I will try my best to accomplish everything as soon as possible. To reunite with my family is my main motivation. Be strong!